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Transform to hedge against disruptions, and accelerate your business potential.

The Tourism Transformation Index is a self-assessment tool developed specifically for the tourism industry. It guides organisations to future proof their businesses by providing a holistic diagnosis of their current state of transformation, and targeted insights to take action on to stay relevant and thrive.

A Framework to Measure Transformation Across The Tourism Sector

TXI Frame

  • Transformative Leadership

    A strong leadership leads by example and makes decisions that will inculcate an organisational culture that encourages agility, collaboration, experimentation and innovation to advance on their transformation journey.

  • Customer at the Centre

    Customer-led transformation is a radical commitment to understanding customer behaviour, putting customer experience is at the helm of any business decision and deepening customer centricity and engagement to drive positive business outcomes.

  • Transformation at Speed and Scale with Strong Enablers

    Supporting the transformative leadership and a customer centric transformation would be the key enablers — Data, Innovation, Processes and Technology — which are the platform and processes that helps to augment the business’s transformation agenda.

Who is TXI For?

TXI is developed for Singapore-based tourism organisations. To ensure TXI score is an accurate representation of the organisation’s actual state of transformation, it is encouraged for TXI survey to be taken by the organisation’s senior management.

Benefits of TXI

Know Your State of Transformation
Know Your State of Transformation

TXI is a starting point for your organisation’s management team to develop or refine your transformation strategy.


Know where your organisation stands amongst industry peers and gain insights to industry trends.

Reports & Recommendations
Reports & Recommendations

Receive customised recommendations on areas of priority as well as programs to explore with the support from your STB account managers.

Access to Exclusive Programs
Access to Exclusive Programs

Organisations that have completed their TXI assessment may get early invitations to STB's exclusive programs.

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