Frequently Asked Questions

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General Info

Who is able to use Stan?
  • We welcome all stakeholders to use Stan.
What tourism data is available in Stan?
  • For the first release, Stan comes with visualisations on Visitor Arrivals data. Start Exploring.
  • For other tourism statistics, you may access them here.
Are there more features planned for Stan?
  • New features will be added to Stan progressively. Read more about these features in About Stan:
    • Private Space
    • Sandbox
    • Data Marketplace
  • If you wish to be updated about new features and upcoming events, indicate your interest here.
  • If you are interested to collaborate in a data project or enter a data partnership with STB, contact us here.
Is there any subscription cost or payment fees to use Stan?
  • At the moment, Stan is free to use by the public.
Are there any restrictions in the use of Stan's content for my personal or business use?
  • Refer to Stan's Terms of Use here.
  • Refer to Stan's Privacy Statement here.
Are there any plug-ins required to access Stan's features?
  • No plug-ins are required except for Internet Explorer users who will require the Adobe PDF plug-in to view PDF files like the Stan User Guide.

Using Stan

How do I use Stan?
  • By clicking Start Exploring, a new tab will be launched in your browser, which displays the visualisation dashboards on Visitor Arrivals data.
  • To guide you on how to use Stan and navigate the dashboards, refer to the user guide below:
  • To refer to our glossary on Stan's terminology, refer to Stan Glossary.
How do I export the visualisations or the data?
  • You can download the visualisations or data by following these steps:
    • Right-click the dashboard
    • Click Combo Chart (if applicable)
    • Click Export
    • Select the type of file you want to export (an image, PDF or data in Excel)
  • For more information on navigating Stan, refer to our user guide below:
Can I use my own data on Stan?
  • At the moment, you are not able to use Stan's visualisation tools on your own data.
  • In future releases, with the introduction of Private Space, you will be able to upload your own data and utilise various data exploration and analytics tools available in Stan.

Data, Analytics & Visualisation

I notice that there is only data on Visitor Arrivals on Stan, where can I access other STB tourism data sources?
  • For the first release of Stan, only Visitor Arrivals dashboards are introduced.
  • In future releases, more dashboards on other tourism data domains will be released. At the moment, you may access them under Tourism Statistics.
Where can I find the data source of the visualisations?
  • You can refer to the bottom left-hand corner of each dashboard sheet, under "Data Source".
Why can't I find some places of residence in the Visitor Arrivals visualisation dashboard?
  • The dashboard focuses on key places of residence among the visitors. For data with more places of residence, you can refer to the Monthly Visitor Arrivals excel sheet under Tourism Statistics.


I have some issues viewing the website, how can I resolve this?
  • The site is best viewed using the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you may try using these browsers.
  • Some objects may be hidden or distorted due to the zoom settings of your browser. You can adjust the zoom settings to optimise your viewing experience.
  • Alternatively, receive technical assistance by contacting us here.
On my mobile device, I am facing some issues with the visualisations, what can I do?
  • You may try switching to a computer to view the visualisations.
I received an error prompt "connection lost" message while viewing the visualisations, what can I do?
  • You may click on the "Refresh" button within the error prompt message to refresh the visualisation page.
Who can I contact when I require assistance?
Technical Assistance

Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays), ​8am to 8pm

Enquiry or Feedback

If you have a query or a feedback about Stan, please click here.