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Singapore Tourism Analytics Network (Stan)

Stan is a data analytics platform to view visualisations and perform analysis on tourism-related data, aggregated from STB and the industry, to derive actionable insights about Singapore's visitors.

Stan allows users to gain access to the latest tourism data in visualisations. The platform has an automated built-in visual analytics tool, which aggregates tourism data into graphs and figures. Users can dynamically filter or drill down the data by various parameters such as visitor traits, geography and time frame to derive insights.

The latest Visitor Arrivals data is made available from April 2020. More tourism data will be added to Stan subsequently in the next 2 years. These include:

  • Annual Tourism Receipts
  • Hotel Statistics
  • Annual Cruise Statistics

Upcoming Stan features:

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Private Space

The Private Space is a secured personal space for users to conduct data exploration and analytics on their data, using in-built visualisation and prediction tools.

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The Sandbox is a co-creation space, equipped with predictive tools, for users to take on analytics projects together.

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Data Marketplace

The Data Marketplace is a data repository for users to share and consume Singapore tourism-related data.

How can Stan benefit tourism companies?

Derive insights to optimise your business decisions

Stan is able to give you a more holistic understanding of visitors who arrive in Singapore. Through this, you may derive actionable insights to better attract these customers.

  • As an Attraction Operator, you can tailor your attraction experience to suit the preferences of different visitor profiles.
  • As a Travel Agency, you can package your tour offerings from insights on visitor's profile and duration of stay.
  • As a Hotel Operator, you are able to improve revenue management based on seasonality of visitor arrivals.
  • As an Event Organiser, you may direct your marketing efforts based on insights derived from visitor profile.
Stan is ready for use

Minimise the cost and time for your business to perform data analysis by utilising Stan.

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